Ideological, liberal, pacifist nonsense. 

I just had a nice talk trying to fight a corner that is difficult to fight. The side of a pacifist, a optimist. Trying to argue this stand point whilst also trying to be appear sensible is apparently difficult. Yes, i try my hardest to avoid violence. But to say it isn’t pacifist, when you present me with a situation like “if you are backed into a corner and being attacked by someone with a knife what would you do?” And my response is that i would act in self preservation, is bollocks. I have basic natural instinct and to avoid death is not just a choice. To tell me the world has so many problems is not a deterent for my optimism and justification for your pessimism, it is all the more reason to be optimistic. I feel like i am essentially arguing the longer, harder solution to everything. I got told once that i am only the way i am because i am bi… It has only ever had an influence because i have experienced tame amounts of discrimination compared to most, but with or without my sexuality (and now gender) i would be the same ideological person who thinks the right way is the way that removes the violence. I believe strongly in the power of words, however easily they are shutdown by the violent unstable short term.


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