I’m Learning 

Personal development is hard girls and boys, i realise this now because i think i am finally making personal development. I thought i was before, but i wasn’t doing it well. I have come to accept that sometimes i will feel down and that it is ok to be a little depressed sometimes. I am surrounded by people who are making my life harder by denying my condition. Well… to them it is considered a condition, in reality they are denying my happiness. I am trying to change that too, i am a stubborn bitch so i will get away eventually and i won’t change for anyone.

Anyway, amazing friends finally allow me the opportunity to realise that i have support and that i can have happiness despite it all. I am a weak person and only recently did i realise that i need help, but i have people who are there to help for a change. Development is coming because i have accepted that i need help for things to get better permanently, but even now there are moments where i am happy. Those moments are my metaphorical foot holds to help me scale the mountain that i finally decided to face. So i realise there is a long way to go, but i also realise with help i will get there. I will win because i can’t let myself lose. I see no long term that contains me as i am at current, only the one where i get over this mountain i have in front of me. However, when i do i will be happier and not just for a moment. 


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